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Running Out of Power
More electricity needed to meet growing demand
More electricity needed to meet growing demandWill our nation’s electric system continue to provide a reliable, safe and affordable supply of power in coming years? This question was asked most recently by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), a Princeton, N.J.-based non-profit organization charged with monitoring America’s power system reliability. Read More>>>


Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln
It’s time to re-acquaint yourself with the man, myth and legend
Cities across the U.S. are planning ways to participate in the upcoming bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Kentucky, where Lincoln was born, Indiana, where the Lincoln family lived before heading further west, and Illinois have already formed a tri-state bicentennial to coordinate celebratory events. Here in the “Land of Lincoln,” many communities will be dusting off their connection to the Lincoln legacy and seeking ways to encourage tourism while re-invigorating pride in their local heritage..








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