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Who are you?

As a member you are an owner of an electric cooperative with all the rights accorded to you established long ago in the governing principles of a cooperative. That means that you live in a community where those you’ve appointed to provide your electricity work in your best interest.

Not only do you get your rural electricity and other services to improve your standard of living, but you also receive a monthly magazine to keep you informed about safety and governmental issues and to also entertain and inform you. We have a growing circulation of 181,000, and we reach those in rural and/or small-town areas of Illinois, covering 73 of the 102 counties in the state. Each issue has an average of 2.3 readers, garnering 416,300 readers monthly – one of the largest monthly publications in the state reaching rural readers.

But who is our typical co-op member? A June 2010 GfK Mediamark Research study tells us that you, the readers, are: male (53 percent) and female (44 percent) with 47 percent being between the ages of 25 to 54, and 56 being the average age of our reader. Most of you, 71 percent, are married, 94 percent are homeowners and have an average household income of $74,000. Ninety-six percent of you took a trip in the last year and 47 percent took four or more trips. And more than 25,000 of our readers are likely to take a vacation/cruise in the next 12 months!

Want to know what your neighbors are doing? Well, the most popular pastimes are gardening, fishing, hunting, power boating, golfing, auto racing and riding ATVs. Have fun, but be careful.

Home improvement is important to you. Nearly 150,000 of the households in co-op land plan an energy efficient fix in the next 12 months! Remodeling and building are ongoing. You own or are planning to buy lawn mowers, riding mowers, garden tractors and chippers/shredders, gutters, lighting fixtures, painting/wall coverings and fencing.

And then there are those loveable, fuzzy members of the family. Did you know that 60 percent of you have pets at home – dogs, cats, horses and more?

As for transportation, you drive cars, pick-up trucks, vans and SUVs. ICL readers – once again, that’s you – represent the stable country family, the land owner/hobby farmer. You run the gamut of retired country dwellers, the suburbanites and the ruralpolitans – working in the city, living in the country. 

You’re also getting quite savvy with the electronic gadgets of today. The study found that more than 120,000 of you use the Internet more than once a day. On average 88 percent of our members describe themselves as regular readers with many of you sharing magazines with family members living off rural lines, or clipping recipes for something new to try for dinner.

So, now that we know who you are and many of your habits, we hope we’ll be able to tailor this magazine to keep you better informed on energy efficiency, home safety tips and rural life issues.

If after reading this you have questions or suggestions about editorial content, please feel free to contact Editor John Lowrey with your input. Call him at 217-241-7951 or e-mail him at

If you have a business and reaching nearly a half million people with your message sounds enticing, contact Advertising Manager Lisa Rigoni for rates and assistance. Call her at 217-241-7953 or e-mail her at

Illinois Country Living is here to meet your needs and your cooperative’s best interest.

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series identifying the profiles of the Illinois cooperatives, followed by the profiles of our readers. In an oversight last month, we included Western Illinois Electrical Coop. on the map, but failed to provide information on it in the listing that followed. Western, which is headquartered in Carthage, has 4,289 meters served on 1,206 miles of line.

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